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Support us and help spread our film far and wide.

Distributing the film to festivals and community groups like synagogues, JCC’s, churches and bereavement groups takes time and money. Research is needed to find these groups and connect with them. 

You can help by making a tax-deductible donation today. All donations go through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Center for Independent Documentary, and are 100% tax deductible.

If you prefer,  you can make a check out to Center for Independent Documentary and write “A Father’s Kaddish” in the memo section and mail to:

Center for Independent Documentary

PO Box 95216

Newton, MA 02495

Thank you!

Steven & Ellen Branfman

Joseph Coote

Thayer Academy

Joseph Chazan Revocable Trust

Wendy Fain

Michael and Linda Frieze

The Goverman Family

Dave and Jeanne Mason

Patricia Hebert

Dan and Cindy Levinson

Rabbi Carl M. Perkins

Judith and Joseph Dafflitti

Michael F. Bigham

Karen and Michael Weissel

Pam and Howard Teibel

Bill and Denise Richard

Craig Sorensen and Michael White

Arleen Kulin

Temple Beth Avodah, Newton, MA

The Jurgens Family

Dr. Gary S. Branfman & family

Larry and Rachel Chafetz

Elizabeth and Mark Borris

Tom Brown and Chagit Steiner

Fred and Tamara Ledley

Carol and Mark Oberle


Chris and Gail Doktor

George and Susan Gorman

Chuck and Joanne Walkovich

Pierluigi Balduzzi

The Busnach Family

Kaj Wilson and Alan Spatrick

Charles Goetz

Craig Luhrmann

Sako Sorenson Fund

The Feldberg Family

Laurie Gould

Mark and Gail Feigenbaum

Jonathan and Stephanie Warburg

Robin and Jonathan Baer

Liz Carver and Bryn Austin

Amy O'Brien-Bird

Kathy Griffin

Larrat Williams

Amy and Paul Knapp

Sharon Gorberg and John Holohan

Cheryl and Jeff Sacks

Sandy and Elliott Heiman

Mark Farber and Sherry Katz

Franklin and Bonnie Gold

Steve Bader and Cathy Monxelos

Jay and Bettina Binkowitz

Rob and Ricky Greenly

Temple B'nai Israel, Victoria, TX

The Loeb Family

Melvin and Janey Lack

John (Yaakov) and Amy Guterson

David Frolich


David and Karen Cantor

Jordan Appel

Sharon Seltzer and Ron Gilboa

Don Chase

Meryl Epstein and Trish Nuzzola

Sara Rubin

Frank and Paula Aronson

Doris and Stanley Pollack

George and Amy Pollack-Howard

Helen Ronan and Les Nelken

C R Friedman

Lissy Medvedow and Cliff Cohen

Marc and Margie Gundersheim

Bruce and Joan Cohen

Alan Nathan

Idit Klein and Jordan Namerow

Jon Modelevsky

Ruth Abend

Michael Clayman

The Wilson Family

The Simes Family

Steven and Bonnie Mitchell

Bernie and Sue Pucker

Douglas Hanna and Carole Simone

Allison and Ezra Hausman

Laila Goodman and Barry Moir

Lynda Fink and Maury Lederman

Susan Silberberg

Judy and Josh Elkin

Marion and Bob Ross

Lisa Wesel

Denise Heitmann

Barbara Kaplan

Judy and Chayim Herzig-Marx

Basil and Irma Margolis

Sheree Galpert

Annette Jacobs

Jonathan and Jane Migdol

Anne, Adam, Serena & Meyer Branfman

Gayle and Jerry Klusky

Lisa and Barry Fireman

Mark Slitt

Linette Liebling

Frances Malino

Richard and Diana Fisher Gomberg

Elaine Landes and David Felson

Seana Kelley

Julaine McInnis

Nicole and Josh Gann

Lyle Micheli

Sara and Steve Brown

Linda Gelda

Rick and Jodi Mines

Harvey Mamon

Gayla Bradford Campbell

Michael Corpuel and Randy Blume

David Begelfer and Bette Libby

Alan Branfman and Gloria Kriss

Deborah Kaplan

Jacqueline Somma and Patty Tully

Wendy Stocker

Thank you for your support!

Neil Goldberg

Judy Pollack

Mary Jane and Alan Snyder

Tina Rose

Deborah Siegel

Frank Aronson

Ora Gladstone and Mitchell Silver

Joshua Cline

John Sava

Erik Owens

Lisa Schneier

Celia Donatio

Sumner Saitz

Kathleen Cunningham

Stephen Savage

D Jarrett Collins

Amy Geller

Alice Bouvrie

Paul and Catherine McCarron

Paul Paganelli

Kathleen Graham

Rachel Barenbaum and Adam Kleinbaum

Cindy Marshall and Kathy Pillsbury

Janet Lassaw

Jordan Davis

Sonia Formanek

Jeryl Crema

Tessa Goldsmith

Martin Seltzer

Kerstin Lynam

Melissa Potter

Lynn Aleman

Constance Baugh

Jonathan Kaplan

Michael Kerner

David Wolok

Julie Wolkoff

Jay Cashook and Alisa Shapiro

Lisa Kantor

Joyce Branfman

Abby Cohen and Stuart Snyder

Sara and Ben Dash

Dianne Lior

Marc Steinberg and Linda Hsu

Sandra Levenshus

Daniel Jackson

Andrew Iventosch

Alynn Lodge

Mo Pittle

Jeffrey Wallen

Adam Wittenstein

Dave Lafreniere

Philip Matthews

Cindy Shulak-Rome

Barbara Steiner

Louise Enoch

Miriam Bronstein

Diane Benner

Gavriel Elkind

Patricia Sherman

Jack and Judy Luskin

Susan Cline

Jean Sharry

Patricia M. Claflin

Hilary and Marc Hershman

Laya Steinberg

Laura and Guy Shechter

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