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"The documentary “A Father’s Kaddish” is truly a beautiful piece of documentary work, very emotional, and worthy of a wide audience."
Murray, Toronto, ON

"What a gorgeous piece of art you have shared with the world. We were so moved by the story, the images, and the delicate touch of your production."
Suzanne, Newton, MA

"Thank you for sharing this documentary! 

What a beautiful and touching tribute from a father to a son."

Sandy Levenshus, Co-Chair Barshop JCC Jewish Film Festival

(San Antonio)

"Whether or not you have lost someone special, this film weaves its spell around you and leaves you breathless."

Helen Zukerman, Founder and Artistic Director, Toronto JFF

"Your film is extraordinarily beautiful—the story, the pacing, the music, the images - with powerful insights into the importance and power of grieving."
Allison & Ezra, Newton, MA

Steve through window.jpg

"My heartfelt thanks for making this film and for sharing it with our audience. It made for an immensely moving set of experiences."

Rich Cowden, General Manager, Denver Jewish Film Festival

"Simply exquisite.  The healing powers of art, ritual, connection and time, uniquely blended to bring meaning to Steve’s grief."
Karen, Ottawa, ON

"What a beautiful, powerful, moving film. Kudos to Jen Kaplan and her crew for bringing it to life, and gratitude to Steven Branfman for sharing his story."

Lisa and Todd, Bowdoinham, Maine

"One of the great compliments I would give this film is when the "camera" disappears, and the audience feels directly connected to the subject of the film."

Dr. David Goldblatt, former director, Austin Jewish Film Festival

"What a beautiful story of love – love that can shine through our deepest pain."
Rev. Aaron Miller, Hartford

"It is a valuable reminder on how we experience grief. In our own way. With no timetable. A deeply personal experience where there are absolutely no rules." 
Colette,  Ottawa, ON

Steve unglazed chawan.jpg

 "I was so taken with your film's beauty and the depth of its portrait of what Kaddish can be."

Lisa, Somerville, MA


"I can't thank you enough for creating such a powerful film that resonated so much for me.  Your work is heartfelt and real."

Jane, Newton, MA

"What a gem! This film touched my heart & soul so deeply. I’ve been moved to tears. I want all the world to see this magnificent work."
                              Natalie, Arlington, MA

My very heartfelt thanks —for making this film and for sharing it with our audience and connecting us with Steven." It made for an immensely uplifting, moving set of experiences.  Bravo!"

Richard Cowden, General Mgr, Mizel Arts & Culture Ctr, Denver


published June 2021
The Berkshire Eagle
The Berkshire Jewish Film Festival will celebrate its 25th year this summer with screenings of 18 films, including five short films and a mix of documentaries, narratives and comedies.

The film will also host virtual speakers and Zoom talkbacks, including talkbacks with "A Father's Kaddish" director Jen Kaplan as well as "Winter Journey" director Anders Ostergaard and writer Martin Goldsmith.
Grieving Through Art: A Father's Kaddish to Screen at Jewish Center of the Hamptons
published August 2023
click Steven Branfman to read full article
When Steven Branfman sits down in front of an audience, he tells them no question is too personal.  
For him, it is the only way forward.
What comes next is often emotional, provocative and enlightening, he said, as he steps back into the most painful chapter of his life, reliving the loss of his 23-year-old son Jared, who died in 2005 after battling cancer.
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